Monday, October 20, 2014

10 months!

I should probably step up my blogging game - I just realized my last post was his 9 month post. Oops. I have actually been using his nap time to read lately... looooovely!

P is 10 months old and as cute as ever!

He finally figured out how to crawl. Well, army crawl that is. I'm totally counting it. He can actually go pretty fast, and I know he could figure out how to put his knees under him considering he sleeps with his feet under him and his butt straight up in the air! He prefers to stand and walk - ALL. THE. TIME! He pulls up on me and loves to walk along the coffee table or use his push walker.

He is still sleeping well and LOVES bath time still. It is hard to believe he is almost a year old. I seriously am having an emotional time lately but I am looking forward to experiencing some of his "first" things. Like, his first Halloween in a couple of weeks! We are going with his BFF, Lucas, and some friends, and I can't wait to see how he likes it. I think he is going to love the ninja turtle costumes his friends will be wearing!

Patrick seems to be slimming out. His rolls are slowly going away and he looks so much like a toddler it almost hurts. I cannot believe how fast time is going. (I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously!)

Patrick is loving the cool weather! We went to the farm this past weekend and he loved playing in the leafs. Hopefully we can head to the orchard sometime soon and pick out some pumpkins as well!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

9 months!

24 lbs
29 inches

Little P is 9 months! Hard to believe that in just 3 short months he will be a year old. He looks so much like a little boy and I feel his baby-ness slipping away. I find myself wishing time would slow down a little like always, but I am so thankful I've been able to watch him grow. He is SO funny and I am loving watching his little personality shine through. P LOVES to wave and is so social to those around him. I love watching him wave to people.

He has 5 little teeth and more on the way. I didn't blog about his accident, mainly because it still hurts me to talk about, but he had his first ER visit this past month and a pretty huge burn on his little hand. He is totally acting like a trooper though, I can't imagine how badly it hurts. When he is teething his sleep schedule is thrown off a little bit, but still doing well in the sleep department as well!

Patrick still isn't crawling yet, but he does a nice little army crawl and likes to scoot. He is also trying to pull himself up and still loves to roll. He also STILL loves to eat. We have been giving him more and more solids and right now his favorite thing to eat is meatballs. (So random, but seriously, he shovels them in.) 

P also loves to sit in the driveway and wait for his dada to come home from work. It is so cute to see how excited he gets when he sees Marc's car.

Summer is slowly (or actually, quickly?) changing into fall and I'm looking forward to doing "fall-ish" things with Patrick! We went to a local parade this weekend with friends and he loved it. I also can't wait to take him to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch,,,and of course, I'm looking forward to his first Halloween!!

(A couple of things: I'm pretty sure I used the 6 month sticker upside down, because I'm smart like that. I didn't even realize until I was putting it away - oops! This same occasion, I was taking 9 month pictures on my big camera and was just snapping away when I realized I didn't even have the memory card in! Welcome to my life...)


Sunday, August 31, 2014


Ever since we returned from Florida, the days have been flying by. They flew by on vacation and quite frankly, all of August has seemed a blur.

We went to Michigan and back again within 48 hours, then headed straight to Florida! Our flight was a little more interesting this time around. Our plane was delayed 2 hours and Patrick was getting pretty restless. He fell asleep for about 20 minutes while strolling through the airport and I thought he would take another nap on the plane since I knew he had to be exhausted. Well, it was like wrestling a feral cat for two hours. P was very interested in everything around him. He finally fell asleep on our descent into Orlando. The positive was that he fell asleep on the 2 hour drive to the condo, after some intense tears. Traveling with a baby adds a whole other layer of stress to things, but it also adds so much more fun. I love watching him interact with people and watch the world around him. I truly hope he always makes friends as easily as he does now...

We spent our days relaxing and by the pool. It was so hot and humid but the ocean was SO smooth and there were no waves, so we got to take Patrick in! He absolutely loved it. The water was a perfect temperature and P LOVED splashing around. I will always hold those first family vacation memories in my head and heart forever.

Patrick and I both had a case of the "post vacation blues" on Monday and it ended with me accidentally deleting all 5,000 pictures on my iPhone. I was able to to get about 1,000 back. If anyone understands that ridiculous and mysterious iCloud, please let me know.

Thankful for an amazing family vacation and another incredible birthday month!

P.S. I absolutely adored how much Patrick loved his sun hat. He held on to it, careful that it didn't get too far. This little guy makes me laugh every single day.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

8 months

8 months
24 lbs

P is 8 months and is loving celebrating mommy's birthday (all month long)! We have had a busy August so far with traveling to weddings and such. Patrick has done a great job of traveling, sleeping different places, and hanging in there when his schedule is thrown way off. I have been really impressed, he is a tough guy! He totally rallies around other people (especially kids!) and is a trooper.

According to my wacky method of standing on the scale with Patrick, he is weighing in around 24 pounds. Still sleeping around 7:30-7:30 and taking a morning and afternoon nap.

I think his two front teeth are about to pop through. Poor little guy has some swollen gums and I just know he has got to be hurting. I can also tell when he is getting teeth (I mean, I think) because he tends to wake up more in the middle of the night.

Patrick loves to be outside, we usually wait in the driveway for daddy to get home and he loves it! He loves to swim and swing...and he is absolutely LOVING feeding himself! That is a huge game changer, he is so in to it and I love watching him try new foods. He seems to like most things he tries, so hopefully he continues to be a good eater!

Still not crawling, but Patrick is rolling EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING! He is trying to pull himself up on things, but isn't quite there yet.

Every day I get to spend with him is truly a blessing!


Thursday, August 7, 2014


It is no secret that Patrick and I love a good adventure. We actually have a lot of adventures coming up. That is, bigger adventures than our daily trips to Target. It is officially August (my birthday month!) and that means I officially have an 8 month old (!!!!!). Whoa, slow down time. (I say that in every monthly post but seriously...)

In a matter of weeks, we will be traveling to Bloomington, Michigan, Florida, and back again. Patrick attended his first wedding last weekend, but we have another one in Michigan! Then we are taking our family trip to Florida which means another plane ride for Mr. P. Watch out Florida - we are coming for you!

Last month Patrick had his first trip to the zoo, and he very much enjoyed it! I think he liked eyeing his friends and random people watching more than the animals, but can you really blame him? Following our zoo trip with friends, Patrick, Marc, and I went back to the zoo for Marc's work event. Patrick was actually awake for the whole time and he absolutely loved seeing the sharks, fish, and penguins. (He previously slept through this portion during his first trip to the zoo.)

If you didn't totally clock out when you realized I was typing a whole post about the zoo, I've included some fun pictures below!

P.S. These are all lovely iPhone pictures. I actually took my nice camera to the zoo when we went as a family and got some pretty okay pictures of Marc and P...overall I am sort of discouraged with my lack of talent for photography. I thought it was one of those things that would come naturally to me (I can take a BA iPhone picture) but apparently it requires both skill and practice. One day, I will rock it though. I'm that determined. And besides, if everyone and their mother can be a semi decent photographer - why not me as well?

Zoo with friends!

He tried so hard to catch those hasty penguins.

All of our pictures ever. I love it.


Monday, July 21, 2014

7 months

It is weird to think that my baby boy is closer to a year than being a newborn...but it is true! Mr. P is 7 months old and every day I don't think I could possibly love him anymore, yet I somehow do!

He is growing and growing! He is loving his baby food and has started to eat some puffs. He loves the puffs and can grab them, but can't quite figure out how to bring them to his mouth. He just opens his mouth wide and sticks out his tongue wanting more and more food!

He absolutely loves his daddy. It is so funny to see how excited he gets when Marc gets home from work. I try not to take it too personally ;) and I am so thankful for their bond. I know they are going to continue to have so much fun together and I cannot wait to watch it.

Patrick also is saying some consonants and trying to babble, but really he just loves to squeal. It is the most precious thing I have ever heard. I love listening to him chat to other people.

He has been sleeping really well, typically from 7-7:30 and only waking up once to have a little snack around 5 or 6, because, why not?

The weather has been great for July and we are loving the beautiful temperatures. Patrick loves his baby pool so we hang out on the back deck in it sometimes, and we are definitely looking forward to our Florida trip next month! Whoop whoop!! Bring on the pool, sunshine, and beach.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Family Fanatics - AAU Days

Growing up sports were a huge part of my life, after all I was born in basketball country - Bloomington, Indiana (Go Hoosiers). Sports continue to be a big part of my life to this day. My dad is a basketball coach. I have two brothers who played basketball and baseball. My older brother is now a D1 basketball coach. I, myself, danced and cheered. I have a mom who is more than supportive and dragged us three to every town imaginable to compete while always making sure we were having a great time. My dad even started a foundation to help bring kids over from Africa to help live out their dreams of playing basketball here in the US. I met my husband through sports. I got to watch him play college basketball. We got to go to the World Series and see the Cardinals win. My college major was even Sport Broadcasting! Throughout my life, sports have always found a way to bring my family together.

When I first heard about the "Family Fanatics" campaign and was thinking about how sports brought my family together, I immediately thought of past AAU basketball tournaments. I think it is because one of my earliest childhood memories is of me sitting in the bleachers and hearing the familiar bounce of a basketball go up and down the wooden courts of a musty old gym in my hometown. However, all of these AAU tournaments always meant one thing - family. My dad was a basketball coach and my grandpa was his assistant coach. My older brother played on the team, and my younger brother was the ball boy. My mom and I cheered from the bleachers in team t-shirts with the other parents and siblings. I loved always being together and I always looked forward to how these tournaments lead up to Nationals in different parts of the country. This always meant a family summer trip! My favorite Nationals were probably the ones held at Disney World. My family and I would always spend our days in the gym, but we had time to visit the parks as well. I also loved going out to eat as a family after the games, often times with the entire basketball team.

My parents are divorced and have been since I was 4, but basketball always brought my whole family together. We always traveled together, ate together, and celebrated together.

A huge thanks to Fanatics and their "Family Fanatics" campaign for allowing me to relive some of my best memories. Sports have always been a huge part of my life and I hope they continue to be. I look forward to many more memories involving sporting events and perhaps even watching my own children create their own sporting memories.

Also, Fanatics has my FAVORITE selection of St. Louis Cardinals gear! I typically always have some sort of clothing item from Fanatics on my Christmas List and this year I am already eyeing this fantastic sweatshirt. (Hint, hint family!) You should check out their selection of sporting gear, it is definitely impressive.

P.S. These AAU tournaments I mentioned also lead me to meet the man of my dreams. I loved how God winked at me during the early years and allowed me to have glimpses of Marc throughout the tourneys, and then brought us together later!

Below are some other pictures from sporting events that I cherish:

My dad and I enjoying a Cardinals game.
Tailgating with my cousin, B!
Marc and me at the WORLD SERIES! 2011 - Game 6.
My brother, Coach Adams, after New Mexico won the MWC Tourney - 3-peats!
My brothers at a Cards game back in the day. Family trips to St. Louis are another great family memory.

Do any of you have a favorite memory of how sports brought your family together? I'd love to hear all about them! 

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