Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rainy Day Dreams

Since birth I have known that someday I would like to live in a farm house. Of course, I would LOVE this farm house to be the one that has been in my family since the 1800's. I would assume my family farm is the reason I feel so connected and "at home" in any farm house.

This is completely random but I am sitting here day dreaming of my "dream home". Unlike some, my dream home isn't one that has a million square feet and a theme park attached. It is just a simple house in the country with a fishing pond, a rolling river, fields, and most importantly...a big porch and a welcoming kitchen.

Whenever I start thinking of my dream house, even if I start out with a different picture in my head, the end result is ALWAYS my family farm. Of course, I would have to work some things out if I actually DID live there. For one, I am not a farmer and I think I could handle the cattle and chickens with no problem but the 1,000 acre land does require a lot of upkeep. I also have some thoughts about remodeling but that is for a different day. Nonetheless, it would be perfect to me.

...the farm house

...the drive in

...Prince Patrick and I just like to lay in the fields sometimes.

(Please excuse my bad pictures. They are ones I had to send from my phone since I'm not on my laptop right now and Facebook is blocked on this computer. Gasp!)

On a completely different note: Everyone should be very pleased to know that I have survived (thus far) my first week of work. Yippee! I'm still enjoying my office with a view and keeping busy. It is supposed to rain today, which means I get to wear my rainboots. Should I go Coach or Burberry? My Coach boots are the ones with all different colors, the first on the left in front.

Hey everyone, it is ALMOST the weekend! Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week so far and enjoy your afternoon!


  1. I wanna come visit you girl! Loving these pictures...just the kind of place I would love to call home. xoxo

  2. Love your blog! Thanks for following mine! I think Burberry rainboots are perfect and so classic, but the coach ones are adorable too!

  3. Happy Monday girl! I tagged you over at my place. xoxo

  4. Love the boots! We live on the farm but I want to do so much more to our house to make it the perfect FARM HOUSE! So glad to find your blog!
    New follower!!!