Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two of a trade never agree.

“There is no fault which makes a man more unpopular, and no fault which we are more unconscious of in ourselves. And the more we have it in ourselves, the more we dislike it in others.” C.S. Lewis

Of course, the topic here is pride/self-conceit. I couldn’t agree and relate with this quote more. In high school one of my best friends and I butted heads all the time in cheerleading practice. I mean, probably once every practice which was at least three times a week. Sometimes it would be a big blow up with lots of yelling involved and other times it would just be something small. Despite frequent arguments we always remained close. Looking back I realize that most of the time what we were arguing about was who was going to get the spotlight and most attention. I was so annoyed that she would try to be the big shot when really all along I myself wanted to be the big shot.

We are still best friends, and overall I think our clashing actually made us better leaders because we learned how to compromise. I still however struggle with the pride concept. I honestly think I can spy pride from a mile away and ask anyone who knows me, I can’t stand someone who is full of themselves. After all, how can we be full of God if we are only full of ourselves? But like the quote says, the more we have it (pride) in ourselves, the more we dislike it in others.

One major problem with pride and self-conceit is that is was through pride that the devil became the devil. Pride can lead to so many other corruptions within yourself and when you look at pride, it is the complete opposite of a Christ-like state of mind. And that is not something I want in me.

I’m not talking about a little self confidence, but being so full of yourself that God can’t fill you with his goodness. If you want to be full of pride, be full of the great pride and knowledge which is in God’s love for us.

25 A greedy man stirs up dissension,
but he who trusts in the LORD will prosper.

26 He who trusts in himself is a fool,
but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe.

-Proverbs 28:25-26

“Pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.” –C.S. Lewis

Sorry if this post seems a little random, I was just reading quotes that I have written down and that one was sticking out to me. I hope everyone has an outstanding Tuesday! Is anyone else as sleepy as I am? Prince Patrick came down to watch the game with me last night but I was a little tired after working all day and then coaching!

Love always,


Thanks to C.S. Lewis for my morning inspiration*


  1. Yes, I'm creepy. I think you JUST posted this & of course I'm already commenting, haha! BUT I couldn't agree more. Such a good way to put it when you said, "How can we be full of God if we are only full of ourselves?" What a great perspective & important to keep in mind! Sometimes it's SO easy to let pride get in the way of making decisions & during discussions...hey, we ALL have been there.

    Another great post & great scripture and quotes to back it up. Nice job!! Happy Tuesday!


  2. Great scripture, and great lesson on pride. I couldn't agree more :)

  3. What a great post girl! My BFF and I are the exact same way! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  4. Just found your blog. I'm in love!