Thursday, May 19, 2011

PROM lovin'

Right now I am semi annoyed that Blogger deleted the post I had been working on about how I helped my lovely cousin, B, get ready for the prom.

Maybe that was a sign that no one cares? Too bad! I will re-cap anyways :)

There is nothing I like better than making people pretty.
Or making them feel pretty.

Of course, we didn't have to do much to B because she is already GORGEOUS!

I brought my mega make-up trunk just in case.

I am a little obsessed with make-up.
Especially lip gloss.
I share this addiction with my boss' 2 year old girl.
We play princess a lot. (It comes naturally to us ;])


Bubbly B and Prince Patrick's Little Brother...let's call him, Twizzler [because this is what my lil cousin Reagan calls him.]

So so so cute. Aren't they adorable?
You know what prom reminds me of?

The first time Prince Patrick spent the night at my house.
He was in college.
He came and crashed my senior after prom party at my house.

(j/k he was invited...we had just started dating)

(and by dating I mean "hanging out" or whatever you called it back know when you talked a lot and made out but someone had just got out of a relationship and didn't want to call you his girlfriend yet...that kind of thing.)

(btw, I never really got this whole 'not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings' type of thing. I am just more of an "IN YOUR FACE" type of person. Does this make me an awful person? I know Lo still loves me.)

Yup, it was love from the start. No matter what title you may or may not have had.

By the way, my title is "WIFE" now...BAM [in your face]!


  1. They look adorable and how weird that your cousin and his brother went to prom together!

  2. BAM! IN YOUR FACE! That's just how we roll.