Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello Wednesday, I love you!

Sorry I have disappeared for a bit.
I mean, it happens.
But guess what I am loving this Wednesday?

I am loving being 24! [Yup, birthday was last week!]
Birthdays, I love them.
*Notice the Gucci clutch my amazing older brother got for me! Which, I also LOVE!*

I am loving [obsessing] Purely Decadent Organic Dairy Free Ice Cream :)
Obviously mint chip because it is this princess' favorite kind of ice cream!

I am loving that Lo got engaged and I get to be HER Maid of Honor now!
(Yes maid, matron sounds so old.)

Loving that I got to catch up with my hometown girls at a friend's bridal shower.

Loving the fact that my daddy let me use his camera so I could take some pictures at the bachelorette party! Whoop whoop.
*Yeah it was hard to get used to not using mine, oops.*

Loving the fact that I got another farm trip in before summer ends.

Also loving that it is Wednesday and I am already done with work for the week!
Goodbye 12 hour shifts, hello weekend.


  1. Yay, cowboy girl boots! Ahh I am looking for a pair as gorgeous as yours. Make sure to enjoy the rest of the week - Live it up girl!

  2. Love the clutch! Nice job, Drew!