Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Happenings and Lea Michele?

This weekend Prince Patrick and I headed back to my hometown to hang out with my family. My older brother was in town from Albuquerque [That city has so many u's in it, I always am guaranteed to miss one] and it was my little brother's birthday. Basically we had a fantastic time.

Friday PP and I picked D up at the airport and then went to watch the Cardinals play/eat at my favorite restaurant. Indeed the weekend was not about me, but of course I had to be a princess and pick my favorite spot.

Saturday we had a big fancy pants family dinner and my Aunt M and Uncle J's. It was absolutely fabulous. And naturally, each course was served with a different wine. Yum.

And then, we went out with D and his friends.
Which brings me to my next story:

As we were leaving the bar a guy in a group hollered, "LOOK! IT IS THE GIRL FROM GLEE!!!" which resulted in me giving a confused/slightly dirty look and drawing more attention.

Now, these people were probably drunk.
But that does not excuse the fact that at least 5 random people have told me this sober. Like RANDOM people stopping me in the grocery/Target/hair salon.

Let's take a look because I only have three comparisons:
First off, this picture is from Saturday night, because that is when I got paparazzied.

Let's see:
1.) We are both brunettes.
2.) We both have big noses.
3.) We both have extremely large mouths.

That is all I got though. And if I saw myself walking down the street I don't think I would notice the resemblance. What say you?

*Note: Her obnoxious personality on the show Glee is also...very me.*


  1. You are adorbs! Hmmm not sure if I catch the resemblance too much, but people always say I look like Mandy moore but I don't see it . . . lol. CUTE blog my dear!

  2. Pssst just added you on twitter:-)