Friday, October 21, 2011

World Series = Best EVER!

"Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world." 
Babe Ruth

Wednesday night was one of the top moments of my life. Bold claim, I know. But seriously, I have never experienced anything like the World Series. 

Growing up my two brothers and dad were always huge Saint Louis Cardinals fans. We would often make trips over there for games, shopping, and what not. (Okay, so the shopping was more of a 'me and mom' thing.) Both my brothers were incredible baseball players and my dad was an All American in college. And I, well, I loved softball...but I chose to put forth my energy in my other sports (In reality I was much more of the "cheerleading and dance" type anyways.) So while people always know my family as "the basketball family" we have always been a "baseball family" as well.

[Really I thought I needed to put that above paragraph in because people were calling me a bandwagon fan but hmm, I am not. I have been a Cardinals person since birth thanks to my dad and brothers. So if anyone mentions it again I will sucker punch them.]

Anyways. seeing as how my family is big on sports, I have been lucky enough to attend thousands of sporting events. Having two brothers who played two sports, my dad being a coach, myself playing three sports [yes, cheerleading is a sport], and coaching myself...I have been to a lot of games. Not to mention my husband was a college basketball player and is a big sport lover. Seriously, I really have been to more sporting events than anyone.

I have also been so blessed to attend an amazing university who is huge on football [Tennessee] and also a university who is huge on basketball [Indiana]. And while singing Rocky Top in Neyland Stadium is indescribable, I think being at the World Series at Busch Stadium was probably the best sporting event I have yet to attend.

The Cards started out the series with a W! And our seats were perfect. [Sorry for bragging.]

I had so much fun and I am so glad I was able to attend with my daddy. It rained the whole day and the whole way over but about 10 miles outside of St. Louis it cleared up! It stayed clear until around the 8th inning when I busted out the above rain hat. I had on so many layers though I couldn't even tell it was raining. My dad drove us all the way back that night so I had about 3 hours of sleep before I put in my 12 hour work day but I honestly wouldn't have traded the experience for anything!!

Prince Patrick, Drew, and Aaron...we missed you all.


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