Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today a couple of "firsts" happened to me.

  • I had my first tooth filling.

I may have had a "moment" before they gave me the shot to numb my mouth. I am sorry...I am a drama queen and I hate shots. But really I love them because even if they hurt, they usually make you feel better.

  • I had a patient claim I burned them while doing an ultrasound. 

What's worse is she sat there the whole time and didn't say anything! Which makes me think she is a head case. Actually I know she is a head case. But that put a damper on my day because I do like, hundreds a day, and I have never had anyone complain. Actually, truth be told...I have had nothing but compliments. So BOO to you, crazy lady.

Other than that the only other thing I have accomplished tonight is fighting with Blogger. My posts aren't showing up in Reader now that I switched URLs so feel free to re-follow if you must :)

P.S. Prince Patrick is still at work! Isn't that awful?! Usually I am the one stuck at work late...

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  1. So, should I un-follow and re-follow you? Your posts aren't showing up in my reader. WAAAAH!!! However, I just did a TON of catching up and read 'em all :)