Sunday, November 13, 2011

Same excuse.

I am about to piss a lot of people off but I don't really care.
You know why? Because people piss me off.

People who know me well know that the only job in the world I want is to be a mother.
PP and I just aren't ready to have kids quite yet.
That being said... we are both young working adults.

We are young.
We are working.
But that does not mean we don't have lives outside our jobs. And the thing that makes me more mad than anything is when we get dumped on because we don't have kids.

"You can work the extra late hours because you don't have kids."
NOT. all really. Just because I don't have kids doesn't mean I don't have to do the same crap you do when you get home.

I have to go home, cook dinner (even if it is for my slightly smaller family), do dishes, laundry, stuff around the house, etc. Okay, I don't have to get kids ready for bed... but since I am doing your job for you, I now have two to three hours less to do all of this stuff before I myself, have to go to bed.

It is just so frustrating. I would much rather have a different excuse. Like "Hey, you are 24 you should be able to work a little extra because you are so young and awesome." NOT because "you don't have kids".

And let's take Prince Patrick who has been working until 10:30 pm lately. I guarantee his bosses aren't in the office at those hours. And they SHOULDN'T BE!! I would be so mad if I had little kids at home and my husband didn't get home from work until 11. BUT at the same time, on days when Prince Patrick has to stay that late, I don't see him. And I think that is unfair to me.

It happens to my brother too and he told me I should just get the hell over it because it happens to everyone and its not going to change. Which I should. And truly, I feel bad for the people who work my hours and they don't get to see their kids...but you knew the hours when you took the job.

There are so many supermoms out there who work nights, two jobs, what have you... and I am honestly not talking about you. I really admire all the hard work you put in to do what it best for your family.

I would just like people to find a new excuse as to why I should always have to do my job and theirs.
And note: I think guys have it a lot worse than me. Especially single guys. I just really needed to vent.

I realize that this is life and sometimes its not always "fair". What's also "not fair" to me may be perfectly "fair" to other people, and I get that too.
I also realize have a tight gig at my current job and I am not dissing it :)


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