Thursday, December 8, 2011

Free Agents = Hearts Breaking

It was supposed to be an AWESOME day.
After all, every time I hear Selena Gomez sing "I Love You Like A Love Song" on my way to work [and as a result, have that annoying chorus going through my head all afternoon] always turns out to be quite a lovely day.

As I am singing my way through the morning (and keep hitting repeat, peat, peat, peat, peat, peat, peat) my phone alerts me this:

"Pujols to Angels"

And from that moment on, I was no longer humming happily to Selena.

My first thought was, "WTH? Angels, where did you come from?"  I thought Pujols would scratch the Marlins/Angels/other party offers and stay with the home team [Cardinals, for those not following]. To me an extra million a year would not be worth destroying the relationship you've built with a team and their fan base.

The Cardinals' 220 million dollar deal ultimately wasn't enough for Pujols who had to have the 254 million the Angels were offering. Okay, I realize that 34 million is quite a difference to us common folks [I mean, I would take an extra 34 million any day] but to me, Pujols struck me as the type of player who would take the 30 million loss and stay with the Cardinals. 

Note: I don't know these numbers to be "fact", just what I have read/heard. I do know that the Cards went "almost as high" as the Angels but I guess that wasn't quite high enough. Jerk.

I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part that Pujols would stay in the loving relationship he and St. Louis have been sharing over the course of his MLB career. It is just hard to picture Pujols continuing his career and breaking records in anything but a Cards uniform. 

At least I got to see him play in some of his last games as a Cardinal...

But make no mistake, I am still bitter. I thought we were closer than this, Albert.

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