Sunday, February 5, 2012


Due to recent events I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Really, I haven't felt like doing much of all. Which usually would be a perfect excuse to blog, but anyways... I am feeling a comeback :) So Prince Patrick can smile because as he says "some days you blog a lot and then you go weeks without". What can I say?

The other week I had a TERRIBLE day at work. Seriously, it may have been the worst day in over a year and a half that I have worked at my current job. And it ended me leaving at 7:45 (when I am supposed to "leave" at 7, but I should have known better because that never actually happens). I wouldn't have minded so much but I was supposed to meet my daddy and Prince Patrick at a basketball game. The game was at 7 so I thought I would only be like 15 minutes late.

I was wrong.

I showed up with like a minute left in the 3rd quarter. But I did get to see Hanner and Big O play for a full quarter. Even if it was only for 10 minutes and my dad and husband had been saving me a seat in the front row in a sold out/packed crowd. RAR!

So excited to see Hanner play for the Hoosiers next year and for O to play for the Lobos!

Speaking of Lobos...

They are 19-4!! So excited and proud of my brother, he really is an amazing coach. I know I brag on my family a lot but they really are amazing at the things they do. Except me, I seem to have no outstanding talents career wise. Whatever, we all can't be rockstars.

I shall leave this post with the fact that I really need a vacation :) PLEASE, SOON! Looking forward to things to come :) 

ACTUALLY, I am going to leave this post with a huge THANKS to my husband for being such a hard worker. With the Super Bowl in town he has been working long days. Not just days but like months. This includes the weekends. Hmm, I would have peaced out a long time ago because they aren't paying you enough  babe ;) Bless you for having patience, a virtue I am still trying to master.

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