Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello from Albuquerque!

So excited to finally be here. I am really happy to be spending time with my older brother and mom! My dad, little bro, and hubby are back in Indiana but maybe some time we can all go out together.

Yesterday I got to experience my first game in The Pit. Let me just say, they aren't kidding when they say it's one of the best sporting atmospheres in the country. It was crazy in there! The Lobos stomped Air Force so the game wasn't too exciting (even though Drew likes those kind of games) but it was still incredible. I also enjoy the games where we win by 30 because everyone gets to play. I'm such a mom in that way. I like to see everyone get the chance to play.

I will be sure to add some pictures from my trip later. I am using my iPad and am struggling trying to upload some right now, haha.

So I definitely enjoyed Day 1 and looking forward to some fun things today. Tomorrow we are going to Santa Fe for the day which also should be great. I am enjoying all things New Mexico so far!

Xoxo and Happy March 1st!


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